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07 October 2015 @ 03:37 pm

tbh now it's damn inaccurate, I want to edit but just too lazy to do it so I just deleted everything, lol. anyway I used to be Ikuta Toma's stan (no kidding, see the date of this entry?) but now he is getting popular and all and I guess I still like him just not for fandom? Then I fell in love with Kame's doppelganger (Tojima Hana, ex-AKB48 rumoured soon to be SDN48) and Oku Manami (who used to be damn cute) but then Hana quit and Oku becomes too big and AKB48 became weird and massive but strangely they become real popular now. I also used to follow Kanjani8 especially Uchi (RyoUchi!!), but then Uchi got drunk and arrested and kicked out of the group and Kanjani8 suddenly become comedian and burned by eyes (It's my soul?) but the latest album is awesome so I bought it. Oh yeah, I totally fell in love with Daesung during FO days (Hyori unnie!!!!!) too, and I like Big Bang as a group and 2NE1 (but I kinda hate Fire). I really like 2NE1 until the point I watched 2NE1 TV without subs and bought their album. I still like them (Big Bang and 2NE1) a lot I guess, just in more mature way? idk if that makes sense, lol. Anyway, I'm still deciding whether to be an inspirit (the name!!! at least Infinite sounds cool though) or not but any inspirit please just add me, I feel so alone in Infinite fandom ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; and oh, I'm gonna buy their album (after I get a job) because I'm pitying them having to share a bathroom when there's a girl in the group, poor Sungjong. That's my brief introduction, just comment and add me if you still want to be friends/fellow fangirl with me.


Just need to add DONGWOO!!!! and Infinite OT7 the bias wreckers